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Course Offerings

Online Courses and Curriculum Offerings for Middle School and High School

We are able to offer many courses online to students in grades 6-12. Students are not required to take online course, but we are able to offer many courses in this setting, that we do not have access to otherwise. We currently work with both Edgenuity and BYU Independent Study courses. Use the links below to see what the current course offerings are through these programs.
Edgenuity      BYU
Other Curriculum Choices
Aside from online courses, we are able to offer core instructional material choices from our school board approved list. This list is updated yearly and we are always looking for the best ways to meet the instructional needs of our students. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have a curriculum selection that you would like us to review.
Elective Opportunities
There will also be several workshop elective classes that will be offered throughout the year provided parent and student interest exists. Onsite classes are not available during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Educational Excursions
At Quartzite Learning, we believe that meaningful learning opportunities exist outside the walls of the classroom. That is why we plan to offer educational field trips periodically throughout the school year to make learning come alive for students. This is also an opportunity to link up with our parent partners and develop learning experiences that highlight the rich culture and heritage we have in the Pacific Northwest. We will try to plan one excursion a month so that students can use what they are learning at home and experience it up close for themselves. No trips will be available during the COVID-19 Pandemic.