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High School and Beyond

High School and Beyond Planning

For Quartzite Learning students an important foundation is a well thought through Student Learning Plan. Below are links to a High School course evaluation sheet that is a tool to help students, families, teachers, administrators, and counselors plan and communicate important high school steps towards graduation. This tool, which requires an updated transcript to complete, is made available to help with WSLP development but is not a replacement for a well-designed quality Student Learning Plan.

High School Class Evaluation Planning Template:
High School and Beyond Plan Graduation Requirement
The High School & Beyond Plan revolves around three questions: Who am I?, What can I become?,
and How do I become that? The High School & Beyond Plan, a graduation requirement, helps
students get the most out of high school and think about their future. Students work with school
counselors and advisors to create their own individual plan, the “personalized pathway", throughout
high school, and revise their plan annually to accommodate changing interests or postsecondary
goals on what they expect to do the year following graduation from high school. The postsecondary
aspirations may include pathways for application to four-year colleges or universities, two-year
community or technical colleges, apprenticeship programs, industry-standard certificate programs,
military training, or on-the-job training. A template for this plan can be found below, but the plan will be completed using My School Data.