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At Quartzite Learning, our mission is to educate all students by providing a safe and productive learning environment where students are respected, empowered to take ownership of their learning, and acquire the skills to lead successful lives.
Our Belief
At Quartzite Learning, we believe that all students can achieve excellence in a positive, challenging educational environment that stimulates their interests, channels their energies, and develops their skills and abilities.
At Quartzite Learning, we are committed to:
  • Serving as a resource for parents and students to access quality educational curriculum and tools that will facilitate learning;
  • Creating programs that support the diverse needs of students and families;
  • Providing integrated, hands-on, and project based learning opportunities that explore real-world problems and challenges;
  • Facilitating a safe environment to engage learners in dynamic, meaningful, and challenging curricula;
  • Equipping students with college and career ready skills enabling them to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.